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Exclusive Design

User Friendly, fast and a unique original design

Free Audios

The Dare app is full of FREE audios to help you

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User Friendly

The Dare app has being designed with the user in mind, you can quickly and easily navigate all the sections of the app

Full with Free Audios

The Dare app is packed with free audios over differant sections, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Worry insomnia and a mind gym

Full Resource Packs

The Dare app has full resource packs that are specially designed audios based on a training program designed to trigger a fast recovery from panic attacks



I thank Barry for the life changing book, that not only gave me my life back but gave me back to so many people anxiety had taken me away from. From my family, friends, & my wonderful boyfriend, I was a shell of myself they hardly recognized.

Shea - Dare Member


I started using my DARE technique, eating better, taking vitamins and doing everything Barry told me to do. That was when I started to heal! So keep “Dare-ing” and don’t lose the faith as you will get there I promise!

Jeff - Dare Member


Dare has made me face and accept things I never would have before. It’s the best tool you are ever going to have. Thank you Barry, and all the DARE group. I can’t thank you enough for what you have all done for me.

Jennifer - Dare Member


DARE has given me the confidence to believe in myself again. To take back control of my life, & to enjoy it so much more. I have found the DARE method to be one those rare self-help books that’s both simple in its core message, but offers effective and profound results.

George - Dare Member


I cannot thank Barry enough for writing this book and the support himself & his team give me through my continued DARE journey. I have confidence to believe in myself which is something I didn’t have before! I know I would not be where I am today without this.

Claire - Dare Member


Thanks to DARE and Panic Away, I didn’t take any medication, I did it all thanks to Barry’s books and the support of my friends and family. Now I know how to (or better yet how not to) react when something troubling happens inside me.

Oto - Dare Member


New audios every week to help you overcome anxiety for good.

It can be difficult to find the motivation to overcome anxiety when first starting out, get yourself into the right mindset in order for you to win back your freedom.

7-days to relief from health anxiety and finally end it permanently. With the 7-Day Challenge you’ll get access to a new audio every day, designed specifically for health anxiety. Every audio is packed full of content that will give you help you need.

Anxiety often comes from out of nowhere and then escalates really fast. The first step of DARE retrains how you immediately respond to anxiety.

New 7-day challenges every month to help you overcome anxiety for good.

Now Available On

The Dare app is available in the iTunes app store and the Google Play store, it's free to download and comes with a large selection of audios across different areas of self-development.

Dare Break Free From Anxiety


Free Audios: To save audios to a mobile device all you have to do is click on the "Save file" button on the screen of the audio you want to download.

You will be asked if you want to save the app to your device.

You must click yes to download the file, depending on the size of the file the audio should download within a couple of minutes.

Once you have the audio downloaded you will see the app change to "File Saved, now it is on your device".

If you now click on the "My Dare" icon you will be able to access all the audios that you have downloaded.
The Dare app is free always will be, in each section, of there is a number of free audios that you can download and save to your phone.

There are in-app purchases which include a pack of audios which act as an audio training program designed to rapidly your accelerate your recovery.

Details of each training pack are included in the subscription product.

When you subscribe to Dare for a monthly fee you can have unlimited access to all of the Dare Audios.

You can cancel anytime you wish.
Contact us directly at support@dareresponse.com!

Any Other Question? You Can Contact Us.